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Custom Cable Assembly, Cable Overmolding, Cable Looms, Power Cables, RF (Coaxial) Cables, Mechanical Assembly 

Specializing in small niche projects - small and large volumes

In 2012 Clarke & Severn Electronics acquired Summit Data Cables, which has established a strong reputation in Cable Manufacturing for over 25 years.  They are working with clients across a wide range of industries, such as Medical, Transportation, Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Marine and Broadcasting. The original Team from Summit Data Cables moved to Clarke & Severn Electronics bringing their experience and knowledge. 

Clarke & Severn Electronics continues to work with the established clientele, as well as new clients and expanding into new markets, producing quality products fast, efficiently and cost effectively.   We also continue to invest in new equipment to offer even more services and capabilities, such as purchasing a Low Pressure Overmolding machine allowing us to overmold Connectors and PCB's.

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