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SAF Troubleshooting

Glenn Clarke - Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SAF Tehnika have created a video tutorial showing how easy it is to perform link troubleshooting with their small, powerful Spectrum Compact  (2-40GHz).  Click here to see the videoRead more

SMA Finger Wrenches

Glenn Clarke - Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I recently had to install a 24 way SMA power splitter and found in really difficult to screw on the SMA cables as we couldn't fit in a wrench.  It's so difficult when dealing with a crowded SMA board.   Luckily somebody told be about SMA finger wrenches -  there are a couple of different ones on the market -  and what used to be  the job nobody wanted to do because it was so awkward,  became super easy.  Previously there was no way I could have tested I had secured the connectors in the right torque, but the finger wrench fits on a torque wrench and I now know the job is done properly.  Read more

Reduction in Manufacturing test costs when using splitters

Glenn Clarke - Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A client recently came to us wanting to reduce manufacturing testing time, and we all know time is money.  They were testing 4-way splitters and didn’t want to invest in any other equipment to reduce the test time.  Our solution was to try cutting down the measurements from 4 to 1 by joining the splitters back to back and performing one measurement.  Read more