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Staying a step ahead of the Counterfeiters

Glenn Clarke - Monday, March 23, 2015

The counterfeiting of electronic components is a massive problem - it is such a lucrative business.  The counterfeiters are well funded and very adept at overcoming any new anti-counterfeit products and solutions.  

More and more counterfeit electronic components find their way into the supply chain and extra diligence is needed to ensure the authenticity of parts used.

These counterfeit parts can compromise the performance, reliability and safety of critical systems such as aircraft navigation, military equipment or space vehicles and of course medical devices and life support.  

There are a whole range of different detection methods but a new product recently launched by Cardinal Components in partnership with Infratrac, is an Anti-Counterfeit chemically coded fingerprint.  Manufacturers have enough code combinations to stay well ahead of the counterfeiters’ game, apparently the Lutracore® fingerprint allows for millions of possible chemical codes.   There is no one secret ingredient that a determined counterfeiter can discover and circumvent and it is safe for components and for medical use.

It is a low cost option and can be detected in seconds anywhere in the supply chain.

Let’s hope this solution safeguards our critical industries as well as all legitimate manufacturers.

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